PHS Certificate - 13 Psychosocial Factors Assignment

Instructions: Prepare a 15 minute presentation that you will share with larger group on your assigned psychosocial factor, in any format of your choice. Please use a separate presentation if you are addressing more than one factor.

In your presentation,  please include:

  •  A description / definition of the Factor (with a reference if an existing definition is used)
  • A few examples (2-3) of what it looks like in a workplace when this Factor is not being addressed well – what are the problems that can emerge?
  • A few examples of what could be done in a workplace to PREVENT this Factor from becoming an issue.
  • A few examples of what could be done in a workplace to ADDRESS this Factor if it has been identified as a problem.
  • One “conversation starting” question to be posed to the learning group regarding this Factor.
  • A short list (3-5) of recommended resources if people wanted to learn more about this Factor. These should be ones you found particularly helpful.

Download PDF printable version of instructions

Please forward any materials (e.g., a handout, PowerPoint presentation etc.) to instructor Nancy Dubois at by 10 AM on Monday, September 14th.

Recommended Links

The following links are recommended for you to become familiar with your assigned Factor(s). These are suggestions only and you are encouraged to search out other useful resources.