Advanced Patient Navigation Certificate Assessment


This individual assessment is an open-book knowledge quiz that covers key elements of information from the Advanced Patient Navigation Certificate program. You may refer to the program materials to complete the quiz.

You have one week to complete the knowledge quiz upon receiving this link. The knowledge quizzes will be graded once a month only. If you do not send it in before the deadline, your entry will be graded in the following cycle.

You will need to achieve a 80% score for a satisfactory standing. Please note that it can take 2-4 weeks to receive your results and digital credential.

If you did not receive a satisfactory standing, you have the option to retake the individual assessment at an additional fee once again (two attempts allowed in total). Please contact for details.

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Digital Credentials

You must successfully pass this knowledge quiz to earn the following digital credentials for the program: 'Care Coordination - Advanced Skills' and 'Patient Needs Assessment - Advanced Skills'.

These digital credentials are a validation of your skills in care coordination and patient needs assessment at a fundamental level. Please refer to the digital credentials categories and levels page to read a description of the achievement type and mastery level of the credentials.

Each digital credential is represented by a clickable graphic containing meta-data that will provide more details about the competency and earning criteria. You can display each one on their own, and collect and stack them towards the Patient Navigator Professional Certificate. You will automatically earn the Professional Certificate when you have collected all digital credentials along the learning pathway, and passed the summative assessment in the evaluative experiential learning module.