Patient Navigation Evaluative Experiential Learning Module


The Evaluative Experiential Learning Module is the last step in your learning pathway towards the Patient Navigator Professional Certificate.

This individual summative assessment consist of three 20-minute role-play simulations (approximately 2-hours) with an actor and the instructor using three real-world case scenarios. The simulations will be conducted virtually via Zoom and you will receive Zoom instructions before your session.

The instructor will observe all three sessions and assess you based on the scoring grid. You will receive personalized feedback at the end of the session. Please review the documents below to help you prepare for your session:


The Evaluative Experiential Learning Module will be held on the first Wednesday or Friday of each month (or the following Wednesday or Friday if any of these days falls on a university closure or statutory holidays). The HLLN team will email you to confirm the date and time of your assessment (2-hour time slot), we will try to accommodate based on first come first serve availability. If all time slots are full, you will be scheduled in for the following session and receive an email confirmation.


Written notice received by Transfer Fees** 
Transfers will be scheduled for a future session
Voluntary Cancellation Fees*** 
10 + business days in advance of the program start date (excl. Summer Institutes) The first transfer is free; a subsequent transfer will be subject to a transfer fee of $75 plus 13% HST $75 plus 13% HST


Less than 10 business days in advance of the program start date. $125 plus 13% HST Non-refundable
Non-attendance will incur full  non-refundable cost.


Digital Credentials

You must receive a satisfactory standing in all your short online assessment(s) and the Evaluative Experiential Learning Module in order to receive your Patient Navigation Professional Certificate digital credential. Please note that it can take 2-4 weeks to receive your results and digital credential.

If you did not receive a satisfactory standing in the Evaluative Experiential Learning Module, you have the option to retake the individual assessment at an additional fee ($150 plus 13% HST each time you take it) up to two times (three attempts allowed in total). Please contact for details.

Please refer to the digital credentials page to read a description of the achievement type and mastery level of the credentials. Each digital credential is represented by a clickable graphic containing meta-data that will provide more details about the competency and earning criteria.