TEST Program Page for VLRC

Please complete activities as a test run and note any activity that is not accessible to you in the comments section below.

Please access the following recorded lecture. Please let me know if the interactions such as the multiple choice quiz and clickable buttons are accessible in the comments section below.

Stages of Change Lecture

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Introduction to Motivational Interviewing Lecture

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Please read the following article and let me know if you have problems accessing or reading this article in the comments section below.

Access the following embedded YouTube video and complete the individual exercise.

Watch the short video of Dr. Selby demonstrating the principles of Motivational Interviewing. Use this Observer Sheet to document what you observed of Dr. Selby demonstrating the Spirit of MI and the use of the OARS.


Individual Exercise 1: 

Instructions: Practice using your OARS skills at home or at work with a family member, friend or client. Apply what you have learnt through the lectures and reading to complete Assignment 1_Implementation-of-Motivational-Interviewing-Skills.

  1. Download the assignment using the link above, fill it out and use 'Save As' to save the completed file with your name.
  2. Upload your assignment using the submission form below.

Please post your feedback in the comments section below. Please highlight any activities that were difficult to access for you, and feel free to make any alternative suggestions. 

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