Patient Navigation Certificate - Lesson 4: Interaction 1

Please watch the following video demonstration and respond to the discussion question below.

What did you think of this interaction? List the key observations that stood out to you.

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9 comments on “Patient Navigation Certificate - Lesson 4: Interaction 1

  1. The family member's concerns about not being available to attend the day of surgery with her father were disregarded in this interaction. The navigator appeared disinterested (answered phone call) and did not acknowledge that there was a language barrier or that she confused the family member by saying she would call them back. She repeated the word surgery several times but the family member had not repeated that word back - she only repeated back "doctor". When the family member asked her to slow down, she did slow down but became louder and overly emphasized the words and gestures.

  2. I noticed a clear language barrier from the beginning that was never addressed. The navigator was emphasizing words which isn't helpful when language is a barrier, along with a lot of medical jargon. There were many distractions and unprofessional things happening: chewing gum, phone ringing, answering the phone. The navigator came across as uncaring and uninterested in the patient and family. It seemed like the navigator had their agenda and was talking over the client and not listening to the concerns she had. There also wasn't time for Maria to speak. And it appeared there was a complete disregard for the request for help from Maria as it relates to her father requiring her help the day of the surgery due to his language barrier.

  3. It was a very unprofessional interaction. Gum Chewing, answering another call, getting obviously frustrated....all unacceptable. There was a huge language barrier as well. The navigator instead of helping come up with solutions as to make the appointment happen, was offering up no help of her own and leaving it upon the shoulders of the client to find a way to get her father to the appointment.

  4. The client clearly doesn't understand what is being stated, gum chewing (big no no), taking a second call when there is already a layer of difficulty understanding instructions. Does not simplify speech in a way the daughter can understand.
    Navigator's client will not be attending his appointment.

  5. The navigator did not introduce herself or explain her role. The language barrier was quite evident and the navigator just seemed to proceed without recognizing this barrier. The body language was not picked up on when Maria was waving her arms to indicate that the navigator stop or was getting this wrong. The navigator seemed to miss Maria's main concern regarding her inability to leave work and get her father to the appointment. The navigator minimized the time required for the appointment indicating that it was 'just' half a day. The gum chewing and interrupting phone call were very unprofessional and it was confusing for Maria.

  6. It is clear that there is a language barrier here and the navigator should have established whether or not she would like to have a translator available. The navigator appeared to be distracted and not willing to help even after the client identified feeling like she needed to be with her dad at his appointment.

  7. Navigator- very unprofessional, chewing gum, speaking quickly and not clearly communicating with client who clearly stated she speaks little English, responds to client's request to speak slowly in a mocking/irritated way. Answers phone and has conversation with someone else.

    Client- immediately demonstrates language barrier, appears confused and does not seem to understand what navigator is trying to say, communicates need for father to have her with him due to 0 English and states she needs to be there but can't get off of work.

  8. Navigator seems to be distracted and not engaged
    Background is noisy and makes it difficult for the client to hear
    Navigator uses language that is inaccessible to client
    Navigator lacks cultural competency to work with this patient population

    The client seems to be confused, frustrated and has many questions
    Navigator does not provide helpful suggestions about client's concern about being able to get time off work to be able to accompany father to appt.

  9. Wow! Chewing gum, phone ringing and then the navigators answers the phone, confuses Maria by speaking to the person on the phone. Very distracting and, the communication is not flowing very well. There is a language barrier as Maria's English is not very good. The more the navigator speaks, the more anxious Maria feels.

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