Patient Navigation Certificate - Lesson 4: Interaction 3

Please watch the following video demonstration and respond to the discussion question below.

Ending the meeting with the client, list the key observations that stood out to you.

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  1. In this situation the navigator thanked Maria for sharing the time and this indicated that this was a partnership. She clarified what Maria's goals were re attending the surgery and getting work off which Maria confirmed was what she wanted to do. The navigator laid out what the plan was for Maria to ask her boss for time off and how the navigator would facilitate that by sending a letter for her to give to the boss. The navigator tried to give reasonable timelines for this letter but acknowledged that she would need some time to get this done. The navigator was also clear with Maria that she would not be allowed in surgery but that she would ensure that the team knew that the patient was Spanish-speaking and needed interpretation services. The navigator was clear about how to connect with her if necessary as well which seemed to be a relief to Maria.

  2. The navigator thanks Maria for her time and working together. They ensure they clarify and summarize Maria's concerns. The navigator is understanding Maria's concerns of getting time off work and being the person with her father at his surgery. The navigator addresses the fathers language barrier by offering to connect with the health professionals to ensure the language barrier is known to all. But I feel that the navigator could have taken the extra step to ensure Maria herself was comfortable with her level of English and understanding. The navigator has offered help to address the time off concern by providing Maria a letter and clarifies Maria's sense of urgency in receiving said letter. The navigator also is anticipating a potential problem in Maria getting the time off from work and suggests a contingency plan of a contact from the church should Maria not be available - but acknowledges that Maria wants to be the person with her father. The navigator ensures Maria is aware they are available to her when she needs help and explains how to get in contact with them.

  3. The navigator shows her appreciation to Maria for taking the time to talk with her. She has a plan which she goes over with Maria of 'next steps' and the timeline for when this will be done. She goes over this in detail with Maria, explaining each step as she goes along.
    She also leave the line of communication open, offering for Maria to call her anytime with questions. And also taking that one more step and letting her know she doesn't have to try and explain her question on the phone, understanding that the language barrier often can make that hard.

  4. The navigator validated the clients time at the beginning thanking her.
    Reviewed the concerns and barriers with client as well as clarifying additional concerns.
    Offered next steps putting a plan of action into place Re: Letter to Boss and now has a better understanding of timeline client needs to facilitate the time off, as well as to have discussion with surgeon.
    Navigator offered an alternative solution if client is unable to attend (client didn't appear to agree with alternative solution)
    Navigator gave follow up instructions however gave no timeline for the follow up
    Navigator again ended conversation validating and thanking the client for her time
    Much better interaction overall.

  5. Navigator thanks Maria for her time. Navigator summarizes the concerns that were discussed - time off from work, to stay with her father due to the language barriers. The Navigator discuses alternative options for Maria's dad to get to the appointment alleviating any stress that Maria could encounter from not getting the time off. Navigator advises what work she will be following up on and clarifies same with timelines. Navigator offers opportunity for Maria to reach out to her if required.

  6. The navigator ensures that the clients daughter has a clear understanding of what will happen in terms of next steps for her dad. She reviews the content of the meeting with the client. She comes up with creative ways to ensure that the daughter can be present since he doesn't speak english. She takes care of a work letter for scheduling purposes for her place of employment. She also recommends another option from the church as a back up plan.

  7. Navigator thanks Maria for her time. Summarizes Maria's concerns with getting time off, and wanting to be with her father. Navigator explains her plan to see if Maria can be allowed due to his language barrier. Offers a note for Maria's boss in a timely manner. Also offers an option from their church to possibly accompany. Navigator states plan and offers contact info for Maria to call her and provides specific directions. Much more professional and communication was clear

  8. Navigator thanks patient
    Navigator reviews concerns
    Ensures concerns are addressed about patient being able to accompany father and being able to stay with father
    Offers a suggestion about possibly allowing daughter in to procedure to assist with interpreting
    Navigator will facilitate a Doctor's note so client can have time off work
    Navigator suggests an option for someone to take father to hospital (someone from the church)
    Has created a plan for the client and provided options to help alleviate the potential for stress about how to get her father to and from the hospital and concerns about how her father will cope during surgery without her there.
    Navigator reviews how to contact her and even is provides detail about leaving a message. (this could be a potential barrier if the client is having trouble contacting the Navigator after this interaction)

  9. This discussion was much better, Maria appears to be calmer now that she knows a letter will be available to give to her employer for the time off she needs to go to the hospital with her dad. She is also feeling better that she will be able to translate for her dad and know he will be much more comfortable with her there. The navigator does a good job at summarizing what the two main issues Maria was worried about, and even offers a solution if Maria is not able to go with her dad on the day of surgery. The worse case scenario would be the navigator would contact Maria's church and ask for someone from the church could accompany her dad.
    Big difference from the first scenario.

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