DOCCL - Module 3: Video Exercise 1


Please watch the following videos and response to discussion question using the comment board below. Note: You must post your response by 5PM ET the day before the next  live webinar session to earn your certificate of completion.

Best Tips for Virtual Presentations with Virtual Keynote Speaker Mark Bowden (Part #1)

NCCA Business Communication UP 2020 Virtual Event - Opening Remarks and Keynote by Mark Bowden

Ric Phillips introduces and participates a little in Mark Bowden's Keynote re: connecting with people via video. This video has annotated notes in the description, so you can start the keynote at 14:30. (Note: Mark's audio is a bit shaky - it's not your computer!)

Discussion Questions:

1) What is your overall impression of Mark’s background? Could something like that work in your industry?
2) What are 2-3 things that are mentioned as ways to improve a background while having online meetings?
3) Are you inspired to change anything about your background, or the way you present online? If so, what?
4) What type of body language and gestures work well during online meetings?

The instructor will review your comments posted below and have a debrief discussion during the next live session. Be prepared to briefly discuss your answers/insights at the beginning of next day’s class!

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