Digital Storytelling Workshop: A universal tool for teaching and learning

Program Overview

Learn to use Digital Storytelling for your workshops and courses. Enhance the learning experience for your students.

Digital stories encourage creativity, engagement, and commitment to learning through video-narratives created by combining recorded voice, still and moving images, and music or other sounds.

The course introduces the learners to the components of the concept, design and creation of a digital story. The course also provides a hands-on opportunity for learners to create their own digital stories. The course covers the fundamentals as it outlines the framework for creating a digital story starting with just a simple script and a few images

This two-day workshop will introduce participants to digital storytelling and its role in supporting deep, meaningful learning in education and practice.

Film clips of digital stories will be presented during the workshop as examples.

Course Outline:

Over the course days we will cover the following topics. An opportunity will be provided to try out the method and build your own project

Day 1:
  • Explore how using digital stories as a strategy fosters critical and interpretive thinking, giving learners/individuals the opportunity to express themselves in interactive ways.
  • The best practices of digital storytelling will be provided.
  • The building blocks for the creation of digital stories will be presented with examples.
  • The resources and how to gather the parts of a digital story based on the elements will be shared and demonstrated.
  • The tools of the actual development of a meaningful digital story using a checklist will be provided.
  • In addition, participants will learn the use of reflective assessment to measure and explore the learning through digital stories.

One week of practice assignment to try out the tools on your own

Day 2:
  • Participants will be using the best practices, building blocks, and resources learned to begin to develop their own digital story, with guidance from the facilitators.

Overall, this interactive workshop will give participants the opportunity to learn how to use digital storytelling as an innovative, valuable tool, presenting many possibilities for education and practice

What to bring with you to the course

  • Participants please bring a portable PC or MacBook to the workshop.  No special software needed,  using  Standard Microsoft Office operating system .

Who should take this course?

  • Clinical Practice educators
  • Teachers
  • Continuing Education instructors
  • In-house educators/facilitators
  • Researchers for their research projects
  • Anyone interested in using Digital Storytelling




Pat Bradley - PhD, MScN, MEd

Associate Professor, School of Nursing-York University

Pat Bradley is an Associate Professor in the School of Nursing at York University. She has a certificate in nursing education from the National League for Nursing in the United States, and has held a variety of leadership and academic positions in Canada and the U.S., including director of education, practice, and research at Scripps Hospital in La Jolla, California. Her program of research focuses on internationally educated nurses, competency assessment, and innovative curriculum design and delivery. Dr. Bradley is an expert in “Civility in the Clinical Workplace” and her peer-reviewed research in this area has been presented nationally and internationally – her research and teaching in this area has focused on creating collaborative and respectful practice and learning environments.

Dr. Bradley has won numerous teaching awards including the Teaching Innovation Award from the Council of Ontario Universities Programs in Nursing (COUPN) in 2011.