Digital Badges

What is a Digital Badge?

A digital badge is a portable and visual representation of the professional skills or expertise you've gained from a course. It includes details of earning criteria such as defined competencies, course activities, and experiences.
A digital badge comes from a credible source, is encrypted and can be verified with one click. It is much more difficult to counterfeit than paper. We are working with eCampus Ontario to establish a standard framework for digital badges across higher education institutions in Ontario.
Your digital badges will be hosted on a platform and through the platform you can also choose to  display your digital badge on your other online pages such as:

  • Your personal website, blogs
  • Digital C.V's and job applications
  • Social media such as LinkedIn, FaceBook, Glooge+, Instagram, or share the link directly to your passport profile page.
  • Email signature


Our Digital Badges

Digital badges are stackable. This means that the digital badges you earn at HLLN can be combined or "stacked" towards a professional certificate representing a milestone achievement. You can earn three types of digital badges: fundamental and advanced skills badges that highlight a workplace applied or clinical skill, or a professional certificate badge that highlights a thematic set of skills needed to perform a specific role.

You may receive 1-2 digital skills badges upon completion of a course, post-course online assessment. These skills badges can be stacked based on a learning pathway towards a professional certificate.

Skills badges issued by the Health Leadership and Learning Network:

Course Badge(s)
Lifestyle and Wellness Health Coach Certificate Health Coaching Therapeutic Intervention - Fundamental Skills
Motivational Interviewing - Fundamental Skills
Chronic Disease Management Health Coach Certificate Health Coaching Therapeutic Intervention - Advanced Skills
Care Planning - Fundamental Skills
Patient Navigation Certificate Care Coordination - Fundamental Skills
Patient Needs Assessment - Fundamental Skills
Advanced Patient Navigation Certificate Care Coordination - Advanced Skills
Patient Needs Assessment - Advanced Skills
Motivational Interviewing Certificate Motivational Interviewing - Fundamental Skills

*There will be a $20+HST administrative fee charged for issuing a digital badge. You will receive your digital skills badge (s) via email upon course completion, with instructions on how to collect and display them.

**If you would like to stack your digital badges towards a professional certificate, please contact us for more information at


          For applicants:

  • Differentiates you from other candidates
  • Demonstrates evidence of your credentials, achievements
  • Provide one-click verification of your training
  • Increase your marketability within your organization, and among clients and employers
  • Networking opportunities (connecting people and organizations with similar skills) in Canada and across the globe
  • Provides one place to collect and manage all your credentials
          For employers:

  • Reduce the skills gap by helping you hire candidates with proven and identified competencies
  • Encrypted technology allows you to verify a candidate’s credentials with one click
  • Reduce the HR administrative burden
  • Avoid the cost, inconvenience and risk of unqualified hires