Online Learning

We offer distance learning in three formats:

  1. Asynchronous online learning: Pre-recorded online programs that can be accessed at your own convenience within a given time frame.
  2. Synchronous online learning: Programs taught in real-time using Zoom webcast technology.
  3. Hybrid learning: Programs  which combine two or more formats of instruction (e.g. in-person, asynchronous, synchronous, etc.).

Getting Ready for Online Learning

The Health Leadership & Learning Network strives to give you more options to learn the way you need to, and fit learning into your busy schedule. Deciding between online and in-person programs is a very important decision for the investment each person makes in their personal development. Taking a program online can be a very different and challenging experience if you are new to it. Online learning requires you to approach your learning in ways you may not have considered, and you need to be technology ready. Follow this link to read more and assess your readiness.

Technology requirement:

Please make sure that your computer has a working microphone and camera, or an external headset and webcam, as you will be expected to use audio and video in this course. We recommend that you sign onto the virtual classroom earlier to test out your microphone and camera.

TIP: If your computer does not have a working camera or microphone, we recommend downloading the Zoom app on either your phone or tablet with a camera as a substitute as webcam. You should log in on both your hand-held device and computer at the same time so you can still see the slides clearly but only join the audio from one device.