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We welcome you to explore our Staff Resources site. Here, you will find valuable resources to help you develop or edit HLLN online resources.

Please note all the resources and downloadable files are for HLLN's staff only.

Program Binder & WordPress

In this section you will find a series of videos which will help you to create program binders AND clone or edit WordPress pages.


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In this section, you will find a word doc (WordPress Cheat Sheet 2021(1)) and a series of videos that will prepare and equip you to use Zoom ( these videos were created so you can support instructors and students in their online experience) The videos go over the basics of using Zoom, how to make the online classroom interactive, what to do when experiencing technical difficulties and how to manage privacy and safety throughout the zoom call.

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In this section, you will find a word doc that will prepare and equip you to create our students' certificates

Customer Service

In this section, you will find a word doc that will prepare and equip you to answer our students/clients' inquiries.

About the doc: the following FAQ will serve as a guideline for HLLN staff on how to answer our students’ questions.

External Resources

In this section, we have listed a series of external resources, which could also help you in the development or delivery of content or files.

  • Approaches: Getting students the experience they need it is a community of Practice Panel Discussion. Recent global events have restricted opportunities for students to experience standard internships and project-based learning in the classroom. This panel presentation will look at innovative approaches to create virtual internship and project-based learning opportunities. Join us to explore some ways we can remotely create and support professional work experience for our traditional and non-traditional students.Ontario Council for University Lifelong Learning.
  • Collaborative Online Learning: Fostering Effective Discussions is a series of guidelines for facilitating online discussions with students compiled by the Centre for Teaching Excellence at the University of Waterloo.
  • Online Discussion Board Planning Worksheet was designed by the Taylor Institute at the University of Calgary to assist anyone planning online discussion forum activities and assessments.
  • Powerpoint there are different sites with training videos to help you create and improve your Powerpoint presentations