Clinical Leader Professional Certificate

Program Overview

Equip yourself or your organizational leaders with valuable “T-shaped skills” – Broad, cross-disciplinary skills that intersect with specialized depth of expertise.


This leadership program has been developed by an internationally recognized faculty, including industry experts and professors currently teaching at the Faculty of Health and the MBA program at the Schulich School of Business at York University.

The program features applied adult learning experiences including a workplace-based action learning project and role play simulations with actors.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Formalize skills and competencies in interprofessional collaboration and communication, gentle persuasion, conflict management, and quality improvement strategies
  • Reinforce skills through role-play simulations with patient actors, a workplace-based action learning project, and mentoring
  • Lead the way in creating better work environments and efficient teamwork in a complex environment and within collaborative care
  • Receive digital credentials including a Professional Certificate can be displayed on your LinkedIn profile, digital c.v., and social media to represent your new skills and competencies

What You Will Learn:

By the end of the program, you will be able to

  • Enhance collaborative care and working relationships within an inter-professional team environment
  • Apply quality improvement strategies to improve workplace performance
  • Communicate effectively to manage diverse, multidisciplinary teams, patient/clients, and other external stakeholders using gentle persuasion and conflict management skills
  • Balance competing priorities of clinical outcomes and organizational goals
  • Clarify success and relevant “metrics and measures” to address a real issue

The program aims to upskill participants in essential workplace skills needed to expand or assume a new leadership role. This program will focus on building your personal leadership style to open up the possibility of assuming a variety of leadership roles.

Who Should Take This Program:

Participants are formal and informal, emerging or experienced leaders at all levels in acute care, front-line hospital service organizations, long term care, social services, non-profits, family health teams and more. This includes:

  • New and aspiring health professionals who are looking to take the next step in their career. This includes directors, managers, administrators, front-line clinicians, and other healthcare professionals across the health care, social services, and the non-profit sector
  • Experienced healthcare leaders who would like to refresh their approach and update formal knowledge
  • Individual providing collaborative care within diverse, inter-professional or multi-disciplinary teams

Professional Certificate

You will earn a Professional Certificate from York University upon successful completion of this program. This includes attending all program modules and receiving a satisfactory assessment of your action learning project.

Professional Certificate highlights a skill group related to an area of professional expertise. Professional certificates awarded by the Health Leadership and Learning Network do not include any academic credits and cannot be applied towards a degree program. Upon completion of this program, you will receiving your Professional Certificate as a digital credential*.

Program Content

Program Outline:

Leading Interprofessional Collaboration

  • Create better work environments through collaboration, healthy dialogue and debate, relationship building
  • Stakeholder relations: conflict, coaching and improvement
  • Understanding and shaping systems
  • The role of policy and measurement on performance


  • Understanding the challenges of operating under ambiguity and uncertainty. (e.g. VUCA environment)
  • Leading, innovating and learning in a complex environment
  • Applying logic models to daily operations
Quality Improvement and Measurement

  • Overview of Quality Improvement
  • System diagnostic tools (establishing the problem)
  • Building a QI team (include leadership, change management)
  • Model for Improvement
  • Maximizing your QI efforts
Conflict Management and Gentle Persuasion

  • Increase influence and persuasion
  • Understand how people think, respond, and make decisions
  •  Crisis/conflict resolution and response strategies


  • Live case-based scenario role-play with actors
Action Learning Project(Format: Online or telephone mentoring over two months break, followed by presentations and assessment)

  • Completion of workplace-based project with supported online/telephone mentoring over two month break
  • In-person or virtual presentation of action learning project
  • In-person or virtual one-on-one summative assessment and debrief

Curriculum and program outline is subject to change without notice at the discretion of York University. Registered students will receive a final program outline


Chris Irwin - Bcomm, MBA

Measure of Success Inc.,  MBA Program - Schulich School of Business

Portrait of Instructor Chris Irwin in a Circle Frame

Chris Irwin is a Principal at Measure of Success Inc., a consultancy that partners with organizations to support, monitor and improve performance by clarifying priorities and aligning activity. He also teaches negotiations and stakeholder management in the MBA program at Schulich School of Business." He brings his insights into collaboration as a trainer and speaker with the Supply Chain Management Association (formerly PMAC) and its provincial institutes. Chris has an MBA (Schulich, 2006) and a BCom (McGill, 1994).

He speaks French and Japanese, and lives in Toronto with his wife, three kids and one pug.
Chris spent the first years of his career living and working in Japan where he was involved in training and development (skills/language/cultural training and curriculum development), as well as in communication (stakeholder management, writing and translating). This included time at the Disney entity that oversees Tokyo Disneyland. He has worked in the not-for-profit environment, as well as in the private sector in sales/business development and as a consultant. His industry experience also spans Media/Publishing, Financial Services, Health Care and Technology.

Message from the Program Director

People who work in health care are motivated from an inner sense that their contributions make a difference to those we serve. The Certificate in Clinical Leadership is about these people, about trust and relationships. Leaders clear the way for people to find and unlock their potential, urging them toward certain actions. Influential leaders continuously explore leading practices and develop new knowledge and skills.

We invite you to examine and enhance your leadership capacity through the Certificate in Clinical Leadership. You will experience the power of a leadership centered culture that values and fosters adaptive decision-making in the context of uncertainty. The program will provoke your thinking about leadership knowledge and practices. You will examine a variety of models of leadership and change, explore complexity and interdependence, autonomy and accountability, and ways of generating high energy responses to change and innovation. You will learn about motivating and inspiring people through your response to basic human needs for achievement, recognition and self esteem.

You will complete this program equipped with new leadership practices as you face greater ambiguity, urgency and uncertainty in today's health care environments.

Are you ready for the challenge? If you think you are, we'd like to work with you. Please consider our invitation today!

Chris Irwin

Digital Credential

You will earn a Professional Certificate from York University upon successful completion of this program. This includes attending all program modules and receiving a satisfactory assessment of your action learning project.

Professional Certificate highlights skills and competencies related to an area of professional expertise, and articulates the earning criteria (i.e. satisfactory assessment of action learning project). Professional Certificates awarded by the Health Leadership and Learning Network do not include any academic credits and cannot be applied towards a degree program. Upon completion of this program, you will receiving your Professional Certificate as a digital credential*.

If you do not wish to be assessed, you will still receive a certificate of completion from York University for attending all program modules.

Funding Sources

Please note that these funding sources below are listed here for your information only. York University or HLLN does not directly provide this funding or apply for grants.

Nursing Education Initiative

Nurses taking the Certificate in Clinical Leadership may be eligible to receive reimbursement of up to $1500 from the Education Initiative offered through the RNAO. You do NOT have to be an RNAO member to apply for the funding. Please visit the RNAO website, Education Funding, for more details

The Allied Health Professional Development Fund

Allied Health professionals taking the Certificate in Clinical Leadership may be eligible to receive reimbursement of up to $1500 from the Allied Health Professional Development Fund offered through HealthForce Ontario. Please visit the HealthForce Ontario website for more more details

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant

Through the Canada-Ontario Job Grant you may be eligible to receive up to $10,000 in government support per person for training costs.
The Canada-Ontario Job Grant can be used to purchase training for your employees. York University/The Health Leadership & Learning Network is an eligible training provider and the grant can be applied to all of our offerings and for in-house training.
You can apply at any time. Employers can apply for one employee or for a large group of employees.

If you are an employee or employer and would like more information visit:

Please note: Not all employers are eligible to apply, please consult the Canada-Ontario Job Grant website for more details.


“This program provided so much content that will provide me with tools to be a better manager/leader. The format of lecture and group work was great; very nice balance for learning. I also learned new models to manage conflict & topics for communication.”
Bobbie Ivankovic,, RN MN CPMHN, Clinical Manager, Ontario Shores Mental Health Sciences.

“My last five days have been a transformational learning experience. The program met my needs as a busy, front line clinical manager. I needed this information to be effective and successful in my career”
Uchenwa Genus, Manager, Pharmacy Services York Central Hospital

“Lead instructor effectively facilitated a community of learning and a community of supportive colleagues and possibly future collaborators”
Erin Rajca, Early Intervention Manager, Child Development Institute

“Friendly, inter-professional worth continuous program with great facilitators”
Dr. Louay Hussain Alkhamis, Geriatrics, Palliative Care & Medical Education, Riyadh Military Hospital, Saudi Arabia

“I thoroughly enjoy the passion, spirit and expertise of the program instructors. This allowed me to be open and comfortable to learn and profit for my organization and myself so that I can continue to be the best I can be”
Michelle Dupee, Manager Canadian Mental Health Association

“It’s a creative program that implements and reflects leadership. The instructors and speakers have passions of improvement for improving healthcare to the public”
Yan Gao, Executive Director, Don Mills Family Heath Team

"It was an amazing experience. The instructors presented interesting material in ways that allowed me to open my mind and think of different ways to approach situations"
Nancy Smith, Associate Director, Federation Education & Guidance Services


What is clinical leadership and how does it differ from traditional leadership or management?

Clinical leadership focuses on using effective communication to build positive relationships. Instead of a more traditional management or leadership model based on hierarchy and command, clinical leadership is emergent and responsive to the needs of a cross-functional and interdisciplinary workplace.

Does clinical leadership apply to my workplace?

Clinical leadership applies to clinical leads, management, administration, and operations of any health services, health-focused, or social services organization. Our program model can be applied broadly across disciplines and roles, and cross-functionally within the health and social services sectors. At the same time, the program is designed to be relevant and specific to the context of your current workplace.

Who should take this program?

This program is open to an interdisciplinary and cross-functional audience of professionals, managers, and leaders within the health, social services, and public health sector.

Do I have to attend all days? Can I just pick the day and module I want to cover

Yes, all class days and the action learning project needs to be completed. The learning modules may not be instructed in a linear way and attendance of all days is required in order to capture the overall objectives of the program.

What are the program requirements?

There are no pre-requisites to register for this program

How much does the program cost?

The program cost $3250 plus HST for the 7-day program

Is there a payment plan?

Yes. Please contact for more information.

Are there program discounts for York Alumni?

Yes. Discounts are available for York Alumni only. Please contact for more information.

Are there any scholarships for this program?

Unfortunately no, as this is a non-degree and non-credit certificate program.

I live outside of the GTA and will be commuting. Are accommodations available?

Yes. Accommodations are available at the Schulich Executive Hotel on Campus. Reservations can be made by phone at (416)-650-8300 or email at