The Osgoode Certificate in Clinical Risk, Negligence and Claims Management in Health Care

In 2021, as a healthcare organization or advisor, you are under increased pressure and scrutiny.

Ensuring you understand your legal responsibilities and being able to effectively reduce and manage your legal risk has never been more critical.

Now in its 11th year, OsgoodePD’s Certificate in Clinical Risk, Negligence and Claims Management in Healthcare, has been specifically developed for healthcare professionals and their advisors to respond to these challenges.

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What Will You Learn:

  • Understanding key patient safety concepts
  • Linking patient safety, risk management and the role of the risk manager=
  • Conducting post-incident investigations
  • Dealing with adverse events including how to effectively work with the media
  • Defence best practices, mitigation strategies, importance of documentation, tips & tools on evidence preservation
  • The impact of being sued: dealing with the pressure of litigationHealthcare risk: a view from the Bench

Who Should Take This Program:

  • Quality leaders
  • Compliance officers from healthcare institutions
  • Healthcare risk managers · Patient safety representatives
  • Healthcare organization CEOs and senior staff
  • Professional association and licensing body representatives
  • Healthcare professionals from all disciplines
  • Lawyers practicing health law (both in-house and from private practice)
  • Medical directors of healthcare organizations and government agencies
  • Heath insurance industry professionals
  • Ethicists
  • Government and public policy advisors


Program Director

  • Michael Fraleigh, Fogler, Rubinoff LLP