Showcased Courses

Certificate in Health Coaching

Through the Certificate in Health Coaching at York University, participants will acquire the foundational competencies, knowledge and skills required to become a Health Coach. Students will learn to facilitate healthy behaviour changes and support sustaining this change, among individuals, for the primary and secondary prevention and/or management of chronic disease. This program integrates theory and practical skills to help participants develop highly effective, evidence-based health coaching practices. To maximize the transfer of knowledge from the classroom to clinical setting, participants will be guided through a competency-based curriculum that involves a combination of didactic instruction, demonstration, and live role plays through structured and standardizes case examples. By the completion of this certificate program, participants will have the confidence to deliver health-coaching interventions to individuals, and will be poised to apply their skills to public or private clinical settings.

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Integrative Acupuncture: Advanced Practice Certificate

The program is designed for health professional looking to advance their practice. You will learn how to develop more effective treatments by applying the latest advanced dry needling myofascial trigger point therapy, neuro-myofascial meridian testing, and peripheral nerve stimulation techniques as a form of therapy in modern clinical practice. At the same time, you will learn how to obtain Di Qi and address the Yang Ming, Shao Yang, and Tai Yang region through integrative physiatrics.

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