Leaders in Health Continuing Professional Education

The Health Leadership & Learning Network or HLLN is the lifelong learning arm of the Faculty of Health at York University, one of Canada’s top-ranked international teaching and research universities. HLLN provides professional development for the healthcare industry by supporting life-long learning needs with our evidence-based programs.

For Learners:

HLLN programs can support you: get the career you want, career satisfaction and development and be competitive/get the job

For Employers:

HLLN programs can support staff/team: retention, workforce development, onboarding, succession planning, upskilling/reskilling and overall employee satisfaction.

Why choose us for your professional education needs?

Evidence-based and industry-led education

Short-Duration Courses              (online or in-person)

Practical and Experiential Learning
  Job-ready skills you can put to work Customizable learning to meet organizational needs Digital credentials for a fast-paced global job market


Why Was HLLN Founded?

At HLLN we are a Social Enterprise, committed to creating positive change for our learners, our communities and employers, and the world around us through education excellence that drives change to keep more people healthier, and longer.

We are committed to improving health, including but not limited to the treatment and prevention of injury and disease. We regard health as both a desirable state as well as a fundamental resource Integrated Resource Plan Faculty of Health for achieving social, economic, cultural and development outcomes. It includes physical, emotional, and cognitive dimensions. We understand that health is determined and influenced by a complex interaction of biological, genetic, social, economic, cultural, political developmental behavioural and environmental factors which may vary across the lifespan, populations, and other contexts.

We understand that health care on its own cannot protect, restore, and improve health. Our transformative approach to health and wellness recognizes the importance of high-quality research in a wide variety of stages, methods, and approaches designed to improve health care,health equity, and the broader determinants of health. We embrace systems thinking and health
promotion tools to enable individuals, communities, and populations to develop and benefit from policy, strategic design, community action, human connections, organizational collaboration, Integrated and effective services, treatments and management, as well as empowering education, to inform decision making. We have particular strengths in neuroscience; mental health, illness
and addiction; healthy social relationships and development; global health; healthy aging and the dignified care of older adults; muscular-skeletal injuries and conditions; the identification, treatment and prevention of chronic diseases and conditions; effective health and healthcare policy and management; healthy equity; psycho-social-cultural aspects of sport; as well as human

HLLN’s Core Values:

  • We pursue growth and learning
  • We are progressive, encouraging open-minded inquiry, innovative approaches, and forward-looking solutions.
  • We champion Diversity and Inclusivity, embracing differing perspectives, peoples, and ways of knowing, and fostering global fluencies and cross-cultural knowledge.
  • We are passionate about advancing Social Justice and Equity through critical insight,
    creative problem-solving, and socially responsible action.
  • We uphold Sustainability through leadership - environmental, social, and fiscal - as a vital compass for decisions and initiatives.
  • We drive collaboration across health care sectors and health professionals

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