Elgin Health Links: Motivational Interviewing - Lesson 1

Please watch the following recorded lectures, and complete the readings and individual exercise below by 5 PM ET on the day before the next live webinar. NOTE: please make sure you scroll all the way down to the end of the page and complete all activities.

Stages of Change

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Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

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Optional Additional Reading:

The following reading highlights the use of MI in primary care and summarizes the available evidence for MI in the same environments. Furthermore, I have included a paper identifying the learning of MI. These are optional readings as they are not related directly to the skills that we will focus on. Nevertheless, it is often useful to understand evidence based approaches when dealing with medical based interventions.

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Individual Exercise

Instructions: You must complete the assignment and post your responses in the comments section below before the  live lesson starts to earn your certificate of completion. The instructor will review your comments and have a debrief discussion during the next live session.

  1. Download and complete the Motivational Analysis Assessment.
  2. Discussion question: What is your predominant motivation style? Picture yourself trying to change something in your life, how does your motivation style work for you? What are some challenges?
  3. Post your response to the discussion question along with your score to the Motivational Analysis Assessment in the comments section below.

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