Osgoode's 2023 Legal Guide to Privacy & Information Management in Healthcare

Healthcare systems large and small are in the midst of increasingly demanding privacy challenges.

Privacy breaches can result in significant reputational risk, regulatory investigations, and costly litigation.

Recent events, including the COVID-19 pandemic and high-profile cases dealing with personal health information highlight how critical this issue has become for healthcare professionals and organizations.

If you are a healthcare risk manager, privacy officer, director of care/professional practice, lawyer advising on privacy and information management issues, nurse or nurse educator, you must have a current understanding of the key issues and how to deal with them.

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How You Will Benefit:

In this constantly evolving arena, it has never been more critical to be on top of the latest developments. These include:

  • Privacy challenges in the midst of a health pandemic
  • Strategies and best practices for responding to and managing privacy breaches in healthcare
  • Can you disclose someone’s personal health information? When? Who? How?
  • Managing privacy breaches in an era of intense media scrutiny
  • How should privacy and security work together?
  • Privacy challenges in the context of consent, capacity and substitute decision-making
  • Privacy and the protection of personal health information in community health settings
  • The ins and outs of investigations: knowing what to do, when to call the IPC, etc…

Who Should Take This Program:

  • Privacy officers and other privacy professionals working in healthcare settings
  • Family health teams
  • Nurses; nurse educators; unit administrators; managers
  • Directors/VPs of nursing'Patient care managers
  • Healthcare risk managers
  • Privacy officers in healthcare
  • Directors of professional practice
  • Directors of care=
  • 'In-house counsel
  • Lawyers advising on privacy issues and information technology
  • Human resource professionals in healthcare
  • Marketing and communications executives in healthcare


Program Chairs

  • Mary Jane Dykeman, DDO Health Law